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Zhaojin Mining Industry has set climate change targets for its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, according to its 2022 Environmental, Social & Governance Report. Zhaojin Mining Industry latest filings mentioned the keywords ‘Emission/Emissions’ and ‘Carbon’ most number of times in relation to 'Climate Change'.

The Company takes a serious and conscientious approach to handle toxic and hazardous substances. When handling hazardous waste, it strive to store such waste separately to prevent mixing with other waste, and store the waste in enclosed containers with chemical labels for preventing pollution problems. It is also forbidden to pour any chemicals or wastewater containing chemicals into drainage to prevent pollution of water source.

Zhaojin Mining Industry's total GHG emissions in 2022 were 626,252.66 tonnes CO2e, with scope 1 emissions of 15,133.70 tonnes CO2e and scope 2 emissions of 611,118.96 tonnes CO2e. The company's GHG emissions were primarily generated by the use of electricity, accounting for approximately 98% of the total carbon emission in 2022.

The company's Production and Technology Department has taken steps to minimize energy consumption and achieve energy savings and emission reduction targets. In 2022, the department completed the implementation of 16 energy-saving and emission reduction projects, achieving annual energy savings of 4,609 tons of standard coal, and by the end of 2022, the company achieved electricity savings of RMB17,535,400. The company has also invested RMB64.07 million in environmental protection, mainly used for gas treatment, construction of sewage treatment facilities, and solid waste storage facilities, thereby reducing or even eliminating the emission of pollutants.

In conclusion, Zhaojin Mining Industry has outlined its management standards in mitigating air emissions at mine, smelting processes, mine rocks storage, tailings storage, and vehicular emissions. The company has also implemented technologies to treat wastewater, waste, and waste gas from the smelting process, including efficient enrichment, sulfur selection and utilization of high-silicon tailing, separation of useful metals from sulfur and iron resources, efficient metal recovery, and waste heat power generation. The company has set a target for the consolidated utilization rate of tailings to be not less than 30% during 2023 to 2025.


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